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Alexander Korolov
Fastfox Legend:
Foxes can be found on every continent in the world, except antarctica. They're one of the most adaptive and widespread animals, as well as one of the most misunderstood. (as fairly mentioned by creator of Fox Forest site.)
Fastfox is an Internet fox that learned to make its own way in modern e-slums.
Site news and updates:
  • Animations directory is updated and running on this machine! Join the club and try the unique directory searching engine. User upload option coming soon. Write to my guestbook, if you want it there.
  • Fastfox's Product :) You'd never know, what's it looking like. Click here to see.
  • Personal artistic page of my friend, an excellent master of graphical and mosaic technique, winner of numerous competitions on graphic miniature and caricature Yury Borz.
  • Nadya's Page - page dedicated to my daughter.
My Favorite Website:
Favorite Movie:
Kusturica's "Underground". Absolute masterpiece of Emir Kusturica, which applies a strong hierarchy of symbolic images and allegories to recent history in Yugoslavia, starting from WW2 till ourdays. The film is full of vivid humour, which itself can be referred as dramatic actor.
My other favorite movies:
  • 'Shindler's List' of Steven Spilberg.
  • 'Deceivers' with Pierce Brosnan and Shashi Kapur.
  • 'Seven' with Bred Pitt.
  • 'Osobennosti Natsionalnoy Ohoty' (Russian: Peculiarities of Russian Hunting)

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